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The Core Team at   Chocolatier Constance Popp: Kimberley, Constance, Ray


Constance Menzies, of Chocolatier Constance Popp

DATE & TIME:   Monday, December 12, 2016 -  6pm-9pm

LOCATION:       Marigold Restaurant, 718 Osborne Street

Sweet!  If you are a business owner or a budding entrepreneur who loves chocolate, you don't want to miss hearing from Winnipeg's own Constance Menzies. She and the beautiful delicacies made in her St. Boniface shop - from chocolates to cookies, and cakes to macarons, to statues and works of art - have all earned her both local and international acclaim by local and national business organizations, tourism promotions, the Food Network, and many, many more. Her decadent chocolate creations are often special guests at many high level events such as The Oscars, the Olympics and even visits by the Queen of England!

Originally from Montreal, Constance Menzies later lived in Churchill, Manitoba, and eventually in the Riding Mountain National Park vicinity.  This park became the area of study for her Master's Degree in Natural Resources Management. Sometime later down the road though, her attention would turn to chocolate. She attended chocolate schools in Montreal and Chicago where various influences and inspirations motivated Constance to open her own business of making and selling chocolate.

Chocolatier Constance Popp (CCP) started in 2007 in St. James, and has since moved to the heart of St. Boniface.  Despite selling chocolate to various shops, hotels and restaurants in Winnipeg and online, their largest customer base is still in their St.Boniface shop.  CCP has become known for creating original iconic pieces such as the CMHR and "Golden Boy in Chocolate"!

Through CCP, Constance's team has made chocolate for many high profile events in Winnipeg, across Canada and in the US. Constance and CCP have received many awards, including the Great Manitoba Food Fight, MFBAs Presidents Award, Entrepreneur of the Year with the Francophone Chamber of Commerce, CFIBs #SmallBizLove contest (watch the video here), finalist with Tourism Winnipeg Award,  and WBOM Entrepreneur of the Year. CCP was also the winner of CBC's Best Ice cream in Winnipeg contest. Yes - ice cream! CCP makes frozen treats, bon bons, bars, barks, cakes/cupcakes, macarons, chocolate drinks, chocolate showpieces and more!

As a business owner, Constance is most appreciative of the community around her. She is very active in local politics and community projects while also participating on many boards and committees. 

For more information on Chocolatier Constance Popp, please go to their website to view their video profile, along with their Accolades and Photo Gallery pages at:  You can connect with her on Facebook (Constance Popp Chocolates) or on Twitter & Instagram (@poppchocolates).

Space is limited for this event and tickets must be purchased in advance.

Don't miss out on your chance to hear about Constance's experiences in entrepreneurship!

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