Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs

Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs


                                                                         Through The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO), the Mean Eyed Cat is able to connect businesses in Manitoba with

                                                                         entrepreneurs and investors from across Canada, educational opportunities and resources to help them advance their venture or

                                                                         investing skills.

Among other beneficial services, MECVL is teaming up to bring the NACO Academy workshops to Manitobans. This nine-module program walks investors and entrepreneurs through the basic steps of Due Diligence through Managing the Investment Relationship.

Visit our "Events" page or follow The Cat on Facebook or Twitter to learn about upcoming workshops and other educational events.

NACO Spotlight:  Robert Warren & Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs  (December 13, 2015)
The National Angel Capital Organization recently shared their spotlight on NACO member, Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs and its founder, Robert Warren.  (Click here to read the spotlight)


                                                                           Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs is excited to announce its association with Startup Grind.  Based in Palo Alto, California,

                                                                           the cornerstone of this organization is the monthly fireside chats that take place in 65 countries, in more than 150 cities around the

                                                                           world. The Winnipeg chapter is the newest of 9 in Canada, hosting its first event in July 2016. The fireside chats feature successful

                                                                           entrepreneurs, from Manitoba and beyond, sharing with our local "Grinders" their experiences (good, bad and otherwise), their

                                                                           personal and business growth through the process, challenges and how they were overcome, and much more. Locally, these events will follow the Startup Grind format, and details about our featured speakers, dates and locations listed here.

The values of Startup Grind:

"We believe in making friends, not contacts;  We believe in giving, not taking;  We believe in helping others before helping yourself."  In other words, Startup Grind is like an educational support group for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. These events are intended to develop the entrepreneurial spirit, to develop camaraderie, and to share information to help others make more informed decisions in their own situations.

To learn more about Startup Grind, visit their website, then create a free account  there to access what they are doing around the globe!  

Winnipeg's Startup Grind chapter has opportunities for you to learn from local entrepreneurs and those who have experience in various businesses and cities through North America and beyond!  Click here  to learn more about our upcoming speakers and events.

                                                                          Founded in 2008, Tech Ranch is a support system designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing their idea, product or service.

                                                                          This accelerator has worked with over 5000 entrepreneurs and helped launch more than 500 businesses. Founders Kevin Koym

                                                                          (developed "Nexus" with Steve Jobs, and "Software Solutions") and Jonas Lamis (co-founded "") created Tech Ranch on

                                                                          the premise of first developing the entrepreneur, then developing the business by asking two important questions:

                                                                         -  Is the product a good fit for the entrepreneur?

                                                                         -  Is the product the right fit for the market?

Given its success rate with market validation and international exposure
, The Mean Eyed Cat has teamed-up with Tech Ranch because its mission "to develop the community" fits well with that of MECVL.Click here to learn more about Tech Ranch and its programs and services


Understanding your challenges and finding solutions that fit you and your business.