Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs

Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs

OUR SERVICES: What can the Mean Eyed Cat do for YOU?

Mentoring Services

The Mean Eyed Cat will help you find the people you need to address the issues faced by your business and help you to develop as an entrepreneur.   

Through the MECVL Knowledge Network, we will find for you individuals experienced within your market space to help you identify potential problems early and find suitable solutions.

"I've Got Stripes" program: This program features a meeting between each participant and the members of the program's “I Got Stripes” panel of experts, customize to include at least six people who either have relevant entrepreneurial experience or have worked in entrepreneurial enterprises. This experience can range from human resource and legal areas to finance and marketing. Through the “I Got Stripes” program, each entrepreneur will have the opportunity to discuss the major issue(s) faced by their business(es) and the panel members will offer advice based on their own experience, providing the entrepreneur with a 360-degree view of the issue(s) and an understanding of how decisions in one area (e.g. marketing) can impact others (e.g.human resource, legal).

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Consulting Services

The Mean Eyed Cat won't just help you find the answers to your problems, we'll teach you how to find them for yourself. Whether you need periodic one-on-one guidance, or are seeking a structured program, MECVL will guide you through your challenges to help get back on track.

Consultation Meetings:  Arrange meetings for you, your executive management team and MECVL to analyze your challenges (competition, funding, expertise, R&D, markets and more) and to consider the demands and implications of both short- and long-range plans. For more information and to set-up your personalized sessions, click here to connect with MECVL.


Be it grants, loans or private equity, the Mean Eyed Cat has the expertise and network to identify the types of funding/funders best suited to the needs of both you and your business. In many instances, MECVL has been able to assist organizations to apply for funding or connect businesses with angels or other investors.

Enhancing Your Network

When you connect with the Mean Eyed Cat, you'll discover a range of opportunities to connect with experts from around the world who can help you to expand your international network.  Meeting with entrepreneurs who have had similar experiences and challenges locally and globally will allow you to address your issues faster and at a lower cost to your business.  Check the MEC Events/News webpage and check our home page to follow MEC on Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates on future events.

Market Validation & Business Modelling


The Mean Eyed Cat works directly with the start-up or existing business to help them acquire the information needed to develop the economics of one business units.

Market Validation & Business Modelling are significant aspects of a successful enterprise and combined they are a powerful tool in the hand of any entrepreneur. Having industry customers confirm a need for your product or service, the value they would place on that item and the size of the market that will become YOUR customer is critical before venturing forward. Identifying the right business model for your venture will assist you in taking well-grounded steps forward on the right path.

Contact us to learn more about Market Validation & Business Modelling services, and check our Events page for any seminars that will help you address these important aspects of your business.